Interview with artist Ed Fairburn

What is your biggest passion besides art?

Probably cooking, and baking. I’m a comfort-food kind of cook, so this is very much my favorite time of year in the kitchen – although I still like to grill outside in the colder months. I also love gardening, specifically growing fruits and veggies.ย 

Who is your favorite artist of all time?

I’ve always admired Gabriel Moreno’s figurative work. It oozes style and the crosshatching is just sublime. 

What advice can you give to young artists around the world?

There’s lots of advice to give, to all kinds of young artists and for all kinds of reasons – and lots of advice contradicts other advice – but first and foremost, I’d say enjoy what you do, don’t take it seriously all the time, don’t let setbacks knock you down so hard you can’t get back up – and embrace your ‘mistakes’ – they’re the biggest learning curve and the best opportunity to make improvements.

What goal do you want to achieve this/next year?

I really just want to continue – I’m at an age now where I feel settled with what I’m doing, which scares me away. I don’t want to feel so comfortable that I no longer push myself or take risks – so in a way, I suppose my goal is to have a goal. That being said, I’m working on one or two exciting projects which should materialize within the next year, so that’s something to drive towards.

Photo. Ed Fairburn



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