The problem of too much garbage in the world is becoming more and more common. People finally see how much influence the environment has on their lives and how quickly they can change. Social awareness increased over the past few years but is it enough to save our planet…

Currently, many artists have decided to use garbage in their artworks but in the most interesting and ecological way that is possible. They are often giving trash a second life. And I am so fascinated by their work. So today I will present to you a list of artists who are fighting for a clean planet and the greater awareness of the population.

  1. Fernando Mastrangelo
Fernando Mastrangelo page

Fernando Mastrangelo is an extremely controversial artist. He became famous thanks to unusual materials he used to create his art, such as cocaine and cremated ashes. For years, he has been showing how much influence nature has on humanity. He even talked about it during the TED event in 2010. I recommend you to follow this artist because he inspired me to take care of the environment and to unite myself with nature!

2. Tom Fruin

Tom Fruin page

Combining steel and plexiglass is unusual, but extremely accurate. Tom Fruin knows perfectly well how to mix seemingly unobvious materials to create something not only incredibly recognizable but also useful. It’s the kind of a beautiful art that has found its place on the roofs of New York City buildings and in the various parts of the USA as water towers. This artist shows that art can always go hand in hand with usefulness.

3. John Dahlsen

John Dahlsen page

John Dahlsen is an artist creating his works from rubbish found in the oceans and on the beaches of Australia. The size of garbage constructions made of various objects is intended to illustrate the scale of the problem that we face in the present times. It all starts with our choices, so the next time you shop, consider whether you are contributing to the pollution of our environment. Plastic nets, packaging, or worn shoes are the largest part of a floating garbage, which the artist shows in his other works.

4. Leo Sewell

Leo Sewell, also known as the “Found Object” artist. He grew up near a rubbish dump. As a young boy, he started playing with rubbish left in the dump, which turned into his future passion and art style. Although his artworks have never been called a recycled art, I added them to the list because I believe that despite its unintended purpose he promotes the re-use of already manufactured items.

5. Zac Freeman

Zac Freeman page

Zac Freeman’s art focuses on the items he found outdoor and which are a part of our everyday lives. Precisely selected colors makes each person depicted by the artist to have its own unique character. In his early works, the artist used things that people quickly replaced for other items, such as old clichés for digital cameras.

6. Mandy Barker

Mandy Barker page

Mandy Barker, a photographer awarded worldwide for her unusual view of the rubish floating all around the oceans on our globe. Her art emphasizes the harmful influence of plastic not only on people’s lives but also on the lives of all the animals on earth. She wants the people who see her art to become aware of the mistakes they make and she tries to encourage us to take action to change the planet.


photo. Mandy Barker

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