Why art is so important

People often wonder what art really gives us. After all, these are just scribbles, strange shapes, or sculptures that no one needs. But to understand art you need to get to know yourself. From the beginning, we are taught how to perceive the world, colors, and changing shapes. All this is communicated to us by our guardians/parents who shape our view of life. With time, however, we begin to notice which objects or models attract our attention more and which attract it less. We can define what we like, and what we dislike in the surrounding world.

It’s the same with art. There are works that we fall in love with, at first sight, some that we need to be matured for, and some that will never gain our acceptance. And it is absolutely understandable.

We can, however, learn how to watch art. It is an extremely interesting process during which we get to know our own self better. It’s finding our emotions that are often unnecessarily hidden, forgotten, or never learned.

The key to getting to know art is indisputably a conversation. It becomes a bridge between the interlocutors and although they do not have to have the same opinion, the conversation often leads to finding new perspectives, colors, or shapes previously unnoticeable in a piece of work. It is therefore worth exploring the subject of the work, getting to know their stories, thoughts, and emotions that they wanted to convey through their work.

Art is everything that surrounds us. The natural environment, human creations, or even paranormal phenomena. That’s why it’s so hard to define and understand it. However, my personal advice is to always start with your own experiences. From the first thought that comes to mind while watching the work. Because these are the thoughts that will always make you look at art with your heart more than with your eyes.


photo. JKM

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