Interview with artist CJ Borden

How long does it take to create one of your pieces?

Depending on the size, one Creation can take days or even weeks to make. This is due to the intricate detail I put into each and every one. I lovingly select each piece of jewelry and hand layer them one by one. 

What got you started doing your Art Creations?

As a kid, my mother had created a Christmas tree using old earrings and jewelry.  I used to love looking at it for hours at a time, picking out each little item – Christmas earrings, penguin pens, all kinds of things. It kind of made me sad when she put it away on New Year’s.  I always thought, “Why can’t we have something like this out all year long?” I created my first piece in 2005 — a large cactus — that still hangs in my living room.  I got so much praise and requests from friends, I decided to further pursue my art form.

What made you interested in using recycled objects for your work? Is there anywhere in general that you find your items? What types of things (or materials) inspire your pieces? 

So many times people may only have one earring or a broken pin or just something unwanted and they will just throw it away. Jewelry is a little piece of art all in itself. So why not take these little arts and make them into a bigger, newer, and repurposed art form. I’m inspired by people who tell me that my art “makes them smile,” that they find joy and life in them. I remember one art show where a young mom to became up to my booth and saw a baby lamb I had made. She immediately picked it up and started crying. She was so taken by it and knew she had to have it for her new baby nursery.  I have found that some people are drawn to my creations and connect with them.


First and foremost I hope that everybody can get the vaccine and we can get Covid under control. Then hopefully art shows and art events can come back so all of us artists can “get back out there!”

How do get more information or purchase an original Art Creation by CJ?

Besides my Etsy shop, I also love to make custom orders! Please visit my portfolio on my website. Here’s all the contact info: 

Art Creations By CJ

Pinterest: Art Creations by CJ

Instagram: Art Creations by CJ

Twitter: @ArtCreationsCJ


Photo. CJ Borden


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