Interview with artist Jordi Aguilar

How did you become an artist?

Nobody becomes an artist. You are an artist from the very first beginning. You are or you are not. It’s like being ill, you don’t choose to be. Being an artist is something very intimate, it has to do with how you see and feel, it’s an attitude, a way of understanding the world, because art is your world, 24/7. It has nothing to do with world recognition, it’s a completely individual and interior skill. Art is not useful, but challenging, pleasurable, intriguing, inspiring, delightful, provoking, and amusing. Useful things can be explained and understood. So nobody can explain why you are an artist. That includes me. That’s why I’ve been painting all my life since I was a child. Why?

How would you describe your art?

Generally, speaking artists describe their art poorly. They are focused on their art, not on how to explain it. That’s why you find galleries, curators, experts, writers, culture people to do it. I just paint what makes me feel good. I don’t follow any rules or comments. I’m alone in my art.

What advice can you give to future artists?

You must trust yourself. Be loyal to your beliefs. Do not listen to recommendations. Do not copy yourself. Take risks. And definitely suffer and enjoy the process.

What is your goal now?

The goal is always the same: be able to leave something new that inspires, that makes your life better. Art can never be silenced, art is truth.

Photo. Jordi Aguilar



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