Interview with artist Adam Lister

Why art?

I have been interested in making art since I was a young child. As I got older I realized it was a passion of mine to create things. Now, as an adult I am fortunate enough to have made art my full time work.

What has been a seminal experience for you?

One of most memorable experience regarding artwork has to be my first solo exhibition in New York City. It was at Guy Hepner Gallery in 2018. The exhibit was personally important to me because I had attended art school as a young person in the same neighborhood and had spent countless hours in the Chelsea gallery district as a student. To then go back to those same blocks in the city and have my own solo exhibit was a dream I had held since I was studying in school.

Your favorite or most inspirational place?

The DIA FOUNDATION Museum in Beacon, New York. This special place houses one of the largest collections of minimalist artwork in the world. Iโ€™ve been spending time in the Dia museum for many years. Itโ€™s meditative for me to wander the giant rooms of this building, passing through icons of minimalist and conceptual art history.

What goal that you want to achieve this year?

I hope to have my first solo exhibition in Taiwan at the end of this year. We had it scheduled for the summer but it was postponed because of the virus. Hopefully things will be ok by the time the exhibition comes around. This is planned to be a large exhibition featuring paintings inspired by dozens of my most favorite classic cartoon and tv characters.

Photo. Adam Lister



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