Interview with artist Menghui Huang

Who is your favorite artist?

Shaun Tan is one of my favorite artist. He is a famous picture book artist. In my opinion, he always can find the small points in life and perfectly narrates what he wants to express from his own perspective. Like <RULES OF SUMMER>. On text, the story seems to be a simple statement of some strange rules that the older brother made for the younger brother. But from the picture, we can feel the artist’s more expression, the growth of the two boys at different paces. Even in intimate relationships, there are grievances, conflicts, rivalries, departures… But reconciliation and forgiveness will always come because of deep love between them. Each picture, with the imagination of the artist, show the readers an absurd “magical life”. I also have an older sister. When I read the picture book, I recalled all kinds of emotions I used to get along with her. Many pictures seemed to describe my childhood life also.

Where do you find inspiration?ย 

When I start from zero idea and plan to create something, I aways spend a lot of time thinking first. Watching movies, books, exhibitions, etc., those all can help me find inspiration. I don’t know what I’ll find, but I always can get something from them. Then I make a note of these ideas and find the one I really want to try. I like looking at the works of other illustrators, but not just illustrations. New media art, photography, architecture, film and various kinds of art. I see their works and try to feel their uniqueness to help me think about how to make a different work.

The best thing about your work as an artist?

Doing something I had never done before. I like challenges and accept some work beyond my ability, because it is easier to improve in the process of solving problems. As long as I have improvement, I will be happy. 

What is goal that you want to achieve this year?ย 

In this year, I plan to do more personal works. I spend more time on work before, now I hope I can do more exploration and try. Also VR projects will be continue, I plan to make more VR works and find more possibilities for myself.

Photo. Menghui Huang



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