Interview with artist Shira Barzilay

How you became an artist?

I think you are born an artist but there is a long journey to discover the artist in you. for me it was a long process anyhow. I was a fashion illustrator with a fashion design degree. I was working as a freelance artist in the fashion industry, working with Cavalli, H&M, and other brands. One project led to the other and I was always moving one step closer to creating my own art that isn’t subjected to external requests. It took a long time to find my path – but Instagram was a huge contributor there. I started to build my brand and my art through Instagram daily and it helped me cultivate my point of view and also grow an audience at the same time. It eventually became a digital asset that showcases me to the world. 

Who/What is your biggest inspiration?

I have many many inspirations – they can be visual, emotional, sensational, external, internal, inspiration, can be a mood, music, nature, motivation. 

What do you think about the present world of art?

I think that the world of art is exploding right now – it is a digital era and so many online stores and platforms are opening up and bringing art so much closer to the masses creating amazing opportunities for artists.

What is the goal that you want to achieve this/next year?

My goal is to grow my art business, reach more and more people with my art, and continue to create art that inspires people.

Photo. Shira Barzilay



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