Interview with artist Valentini Mavrodoglou

How did you become an artist?

I guess I don’t really remember.
I was very young when I felt it and for sure my parents played a very important part because they believed in me.

What is your biggest inspiration?

My greatest inspiration is life itself, emotions, social matters, earth. 

The best thing that happened to you in your job as an artist?

The best thing is happening and when it does, it fills me up is interaction, the moment that someone starring at my artwork and I can see clear emotion in his / her face!
It’s such a powerful moment!! 

What is a goal that you want to achieve this year?

That year is a weird one. But the goal remains the same, be better, be helpful, be unique, be creative, let’s be positive and try to make a change for this world!

Photo. Valentini Mavrodoglou



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