Interview with artist Brigitte Lacasse

Do You like your job as an artist?

For me, there is no question, if I like it or not. I couldn’t do anything else. When I was younger I used to work in window displays, décor, etc…and I liked it! But now drawing, painting, and doing collage is a need. At that point, I can’t question it (at least for the moment…). As soon as I wake up,  my thoughts are there. It’s my life, my way to express myself, my “true me” I should say, which doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Many days, I’m full of doubts, or just tired and I am asking myself why I do this? But, it never lasts long.

What do You like to do besides art?

Hmm… besides art, it’s always art. Museums, when I have time, books, listening to all kinds of music. One day, I hope to travel to see more art, architecture, food. I need this to nourish my work. I am trying to keep a balance, which is quite important to me now and maybe more since Covid has arrived. I also walk and meditate every day. I truly miss my family and friends but I try to concentrate on myself and my work.

Who inspires you from the world of art?

When I was young and my father was an art teacher, I remember looking at the exams he was correcting from his students. The pictures that impressed me the most were Picasso’s. I don’t remember how old I was, maybe under 10, I’m not quite sure. I was (and still am…) fascinated by his portraits, especially his last period Post Cubism, after which I grew up, looking at books and going to museums etc. So, your question is not easy to answer to; inspiration comes from everywhere. Nature, light, books, conversations, emotions, everything can be the beginning of a project. All our senses participate in what we call inspiration! I can’t give you a short list of what inspires me, every time I try, I must choose and forget so many more. From etruscan art to Albert Oehlen to Beatrice Milhazes to Veronese to Picasso to Nikki de St-Phalle to Cy Twombly to Louise Bourgeois to Elizabeth Vigée-Lebrun to Manet to Klimt to Dubuffet to Alsem Kieffer to Rosalba Carrera and so on. Different eras, different styles. The list would be too long.

What is your main goal right now?

My goals? Work, work, work. Continue and accept to let go, let control aside and just express who you are. Even if my work doesn’t please some people. I trust myself, my inner self and sell it of course!😂😉 I’m not completely disconnected. I have bills too but I don’t  count my hours and I wish to continue to share my work, thoughts, emotions with others. There is a special bond between art and public in general. We connect with art more or less, but this bond is strong and meaningful. You see, I forget names like Cecily Brown, Francis Bacon etc but I have to go back to work and important names (for me) will pop out all day…

Photo. Brigitte Lacasse


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