Interview with artist Matt Hadwiczak

How you became an artist?

I have been working with graphic design for over 10 years. At one point in my life, I felt that doing just this didn’t give me as much satisfaction as before. I felt that I needed to do something that would allow me to truly expresses myself, something I would do for my own satisfaction. I started creating abstract forms using the graphics programs, which I had been learning all this time. I can express my emotions through colors and shapes. This experience is liberating, and I recommend it to any creator who feels they are going through burnout. Doing something just for yourself can really help.

What do you think about the current art market?

I may not follow the art market in as much detail as I could, but most of the activities related to the art market have moved to the Internet and social media. We have much greater opportunities to reach the recipients of our works (even on the other side of the world), but the competition is also greater.

Do you have some advice for future artists?

Show off your work on social media, that way you might be able to attract enthusiasts, followers, and interested people in your works from all over the world. This may create many new opportunities, and allow you to make new contacts, including creators, gallery owners, and fans of your creativity. However, remember that you are not doing this to gain new likes or more followers. Expressing yourself and following your heart in your creativity, as well as consistency are paramount.

What is your goal?

I want to try new forms and techniques of creation. The level of technology allows us to express ourselves in a different way than it was a few years ago. I would like to go deeper into digital art, augmented reality, but I also do not want to forget about material tangible works, like sculptures. I have so many ideas, but because there are only 24 hours in a day, my creativity evolves gradually and steadily allowing me to step back, rethink, and act.

Photo. Matt Hadwiczak


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