Interview with artist Vadis Turner

1. How You became an artist?

I didn’t so much decide to be an artist, I just kept showing up in places that ultimately became a pathway… now a landscape. I owe a lot to my high school art teacher, Rosemary Paschall. She showed me how to make cross-curricular connections in the studio. The school was never the same… it was a new way of seeing.

2. Who/What is your biggest inspiration?

I am moved and informed by different artists based on the objectives I have for each body of work. Currently, I am really excited by things that are simultaneously messy and luminous. I like when essential elements are let loose… aggressively loose.  Recently, I have been looking at work by Eva Hesse, Beverly Semmes, Anna Betbeze, Gaetano Pesce, Nari Ward, and Adolf Gottlieb.

3. In your opinion, what is the hardest thing about being an artist?

You have to accept that the bad, and sometimes the ugly, come before the good. That’s the pleasure in it too. And I don’t mind ugly. It’s also difficult to realizeย that your work isn’t wholly unique. There are lots of talented people out there responding to the same stimuli and working in related ways. It’s healthy to embrace those similarities and not feel threatened. It means that you are onto something.

Photo: John Schweikert

Artwork Title: Ophelia series, installation view at the First Art Museum, 2017



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