Interview with artist Sarah Meyers Brent

What was a seminal experience for you as an artist?

In high school, I had a variety of interests but the art teachers were fabulous (and my science and math teachers not) which steered me towards continuing with art.

How are you finding inspiration? 

I find inspiration from discarded items from my house, community and town transfer station to create sculptures and alternative landscapes that embody the craziness of motherhood and environmental chaos. I, also, paint from wilted flower arrangements and the landscape.

What is the worst thing about being an artist?

The worst thing is not making enough money. I am currently working on time management so I can have enough inventory to sell more and expand. At the same time, I am making weird sculptures that take longer to find an audience for!

 What is your goal that you want to achieve this year?

I have an exhibit coming up at the Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, Massachusetts in September 2022. I would love to fill the space with an installation of paintings and sculptures that talk to each other in various sizes and orientations (hanging, standing, interacting with the wall).

Photo. Sarah Meyers Brent

Available at: Chase Young Gallery


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